Some of the plants we have on the balcony or in the yard in pots in the spring and summer, we prefer to carry them indoors for the winter months.

This is because most of these are tropical plants, which most probably will not withstand the cold and frost that prevail in our country in the winter.

This chance grows as we go from southern Greece to the north. Thus, most of the "indoor" plants, which survive in winter in Crete, must be protected and put into the house in Northern Greece.

Also, since I put in these sensitive plants, it is a good time to do the necessary caretaking tasks and transplants.

After I have it all winter in my house or in a closed space in general (terraces, atrium, staircase, office, etc.), I have to give them special care.

- So, I only take care to water them when their soil dries, otherwise they risk rotting their roots. I am also careful to be planted in soil with good drainage.

- I place the pots with these plants in a bright spot and not to the point where a door or window is often opened and cold weather enters for a long time.

- I do not even place them next to hotplates (radiators, fireplaces, stoves). I also have to watch if they have a flower-pot gift that has a composition with many plants to take care of the beginning to separate the plants and transplant each to a separate larger pot. Although these compositions are very beautiful and impressive, they usually do not have room for properly growing plants.

- Finally, the atmosphere in the enclosed spaces is usually dry and the humidity is scarce. For this reason, and because these plants love atmospheric humidity, we need to wet somewhere somewhere with clear water. This can be done by either watering the plants on the balcony or inside the bathtub. Do not grab any colds out on the balcony! Caution!